Governor Yahaya Bello should be Rewarded

Yahaya Bello for Presidency

Dear United Nations, HeForShe

Isn’t there a need to place yet another spotlight on Kogi State?

Do you know, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State Nigeria has duly paid the 35% affirmative action for Women in Governance?

Bello is a man entirely qualified to received the United Nations-backed “#HeforShe” Award for his efforts and cabinet picks, which mainstreams gender inclusion in the Kogi State’s political structure.

Do you know, the Governor has:

~ First time in the history of the world, a female Aide De Camp to a Male, is made so possible by him?

~ The State’s Head of Service is a Female

~ The Secretary to the State Government is a Female. As a matter of fact, in the whole of the 19 Northern States of Nigeria, Kogi State has the only Female SSG!

~ Over 5 Boards, Commisions and Agencies headed by Females.

~ Each Local Government Legislative Arm (Council) is headed by a Female Council Leader. This puts the record to a total of 21 Female Council Leaders in Kogi State.

~ Each Local Government Area now has a Vice Chairlady as against the usual norm where MEN TAKE IT ALL. This likewise puts the total of Vice Chairladies to an all time incredible 21 !

~ A minimum of 1 Female Councillor per Local Government District. Herein, 62 were Local Legislators were expected, alas, the entire State now has 64 Grassroot Legislators.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, can best be termed a Gender Unifier, Security Giant, Steady Infrastructure Developer and an Undistracted Fine Man.

It is no longer news that the Kogi State Let’s-Do-More Government led by Governor Yahaya Bello is the most women-friendly cabinet on the African continent. This is doubt-less.

As a result of the above, the need to recognize Kogi State and her Governor for the outstanding contributions to promotion of women’s rights, visibility and empowerment suffices.

HeforShe must not be blinded to what is good. #HeForShe, a brainchild of the United Nations is doing excellently well in recognizing Public Office Holders with exceptional passion to drive gender equality. May it then be put on record that our dear Governor of Kogi State deserves to be recognised not just in Nigeria but by the United Nations.

United Nation, should as a matter of urgent importance too, peruse other areas where Bello has performed exceptionally well, well above his peers. His fantastic & zero tolerance for insecurities, banditry and Social vises is second to none.

He crushed to powder Religious intolerance, Tribal disunity, Class Difference and now Gender insensitivity.

You may need to know that, what yYahaya Bello has successfully placed under due check in the heterogeneous State called Kogi State is what is momentarily not easily tamed in the bigger picture of the State called Nigeria.

His records are verifiable and still Speaks.

Sincerely Yours,
~ WisdomBank

~ Mrs Pauline Tallen
Minister of Women Affairs,

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